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Mechanical engineering sector

Mechanical parts are susceptible to tightening, seizure, wear and friction and need constant lubrication.
Sofiplast offers a range of coatings which address these problems.


Main advantages of the coatings

  • Significant reduction in the use of grease and oil

  • Dry lubricant

  • Enhanced sliding

  • Elimination of friction due to a very low friction coefficient

  • Reduction in wear



Racks, ball joints, bearings, guides, axles, cam shafts…

roulement table machine AS622 Pièces mécaniques LAM'LCOAT Guides mécaniques Billes et cage LAM'LCOAT


Our coatings

pdf AS48
pdf AS62
pdf AS20
pdf AS786
pdf ASP25.60
pdf ASP105
pdf Metallisation
pdf Paints
pdf Refusion

These coatings are given for guidance.

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