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Paper / Printing / Textiles

SOFIPLAST offers coatings to reduce sticking, corrosion, sealing, clogging, colour changing and electrostatic problems encountered predominantly in the areas of printing, textiles and paper.


Main advantages of the coatings

  • Improved cleaning
  • Removal of electrostatic charges on the outside of the rollers
  • Elimination of matter clogging on the rollers
  • Improved productivity
  • Elimination in the risk of the « width » breaking
  • Reduction in time taken to change the colours



Gluing rollers, spreaders, curve cylinders, presses, heaters, dryer drums, crankshafts, inkwells…

revetement anti adherent Tourillons papeterie Mélangeur papeterie cylindre textile cylindre textile Bac à colle papeterie

Our coatings

pdf AS23
pdf AS783
pdf AS48
pdf AS495
pdf Metallisation
pdf Molybdène

These coatings are given for guidance.

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