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Applitherm - Special coatings

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  • Application of coatings that are non-stick, anti-corrosion, dry lubricating, spray application of metal-based coatings (metallisation) on small and large parts
  • Application of synthetic paints - epoxy - polyurethane, on small and large sized parts
  • Stripping, sandblasting (pre-stressed), shot blasting (all media)



  • Air ovens (L x W x H 1000x1000x1500 and 1500x1500x1740)
  • Hand sandblasters
  • Shot blasting room 8m x 4m (8T max)
  • Treatment rooms
  • Painting room 10m x 5 m (8T max)
  • Electric and gas spray gun for metal-based coatings (powder and wire)
  • Handling 8T max


Key features

  • Spray gun for metals with electric or flame arc, re-melted metal coatings
  • Application of PEEK coating
  • Paint applied to metal and plastic parts
  • Internal sandblasting of tubes with diameter from 12mm, length.: 8m max

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