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Anti-fouling coating

The Anti-fouling range of coatings is an ecological metal-based polymer range of coatings (composed of +75% pure copper):
- Aqueous-based
- Anti-corrosion
- Does not contain any organic biocides (fungicide, herbicide)
- Anti-staining
- Naturally anti-bacterial (due to the presence of Copper and cupro-nickel)
- Inert and non conductive
- Levels of leaching/seeping are below the levels required by approved standards
- Recyclable compound
- Efficiency: 5 years (in certain conditions)


It is applied to structures made of polyester and composite materials, steel, aluminium (after protection with an insulating epoxy), wood (if covered by an epoxy film). The surfaces of the structures are prepared by a stripping process using ecological/environmentally friendly media which preserve the substrate materials.



The anti-fouling range, as opposed to other anti-leaching paints, is non-polluting as it does not contain solvent-binders.
It offers numerous advantages:
- Does not release copper particles into the marine environment,
- Acts as an insulating barrier and avoids the appearance of problems from osmosis,
- Neutralises the potential sources of electrolytic phenomenon,
- Prevents the build-up of macro-organisms on the surface of boat hulls.





• Boat hulls
• Propellers
• Any underwater surface

Technical sheets

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