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This process combines a super-finish and metal-based plate powder spray with dry lubrication properties. It improves the substrate properties:

  • surface state: reduces the Ra
  • hardness: improves the hardness of the substrate
  • wettability: increases the wettability of hydraulic fluids
  • reduces the friction coefficient up to 0,03 dynamic (WS2/WS2)
  • reduces wear in treated parts
  • anti-corrosion: offers an anti-corrosion barrier to all oxydisable metals


General features

  • Cold application, which prevents geometric and mechanical deformation in the part
  • Does not need firing or polymerisation
  • Constant thickness of 1µm (+/- 0,5)
  • Can be applied to finished and pre-treated parts
  • Co excess thickness on angles
  • Competitive process
  • Chemically stable covering
  • Resistant to pressure

This coating is environmentally-friendly and is perceived as an alternative to hard-chromium.


Pumps, valves, screws, control units, compressors, rollers, bolts, gears, worm gears, springs, bearings, axles, shafts, pins and bushes, washers, ball and socket joints, balls, liners, bodies, guides, washers, segments, pistons, chains, drill bits, cutters, plates, moulds, patterns, spindles, nuts, ejectors, slide bars, cylinder heads, cam shafts, transmissions, blanking and drawing dies…


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